Mobility Moto Benefits Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may vary from time to time depending on your product option. Please ensure you read the terms and conditions that the supplier has handed you on receiving your identification tag. Please note, 7 day waiting period from inception date for first call centre assistance.


Definition of Roadside assistance.
The roadside assistance applies to all Mobility Club members travelling on South African roads.
– One incident per client per annum.

1.1 Flat Tyre.

Appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed. Case will be managed by Mobility Club and the costs will paid for by the customer if he/she has no product that covers the service. We will transfer your call to those service providers to assist you in having this problem solved. Replacement of tyres and rims damaged will be for the customer’s account.

1.2 Flat Battery.

Appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed. Case will be managed by Mobility Club and the costs will paid for by the customer if he/she has no product that covers the service. We will transfer your call to those service providers to assist you in having this problem solved. Any replacements and repairs will be for the customer’s account.

1.3 Running out of fuel.

Appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed. Case will be managed and call out fee will be covered by Mobility Club. Fuel or any other additional costs will be for the customer to pay. If the customer has no product that covers the service, we will put you in touch with your service providers listed on the system.

1.4 Keys locked inside a vehicle.

Appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed. Case will be managed by Mobility Club and the client will be liable for any excess costs if he/she has no product that covers the service. We will transfer your call to those service providers to assist you in having this problem solved. Any additional replacement/repairs of keys will be for the customer’s account.

1.5 Mechanical & Electrical breakdown

1.5.1 Appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed. Case will be managed by Mobility Club and the costs will paid for by the customer if he/she has no product that covers the service. We will transfer your call to those service providers to assist you in having this problem solved.

1.5.2 Accident tow in – In the event of an accident your call to the call centre will be transferred through to your insurance provider to deliver the tow in service and the case will be managed. Should there be no insurance provider the appropriate service providers with contracted rates will be appointed, case will be managed and the costs are paid for by the customer. Mobility Club members will be responsible for full payment of this service.

1.6 Roadside Assist of Last Resort

Should a Mobility Club member be found not to have any roadside assistance cover available to them, Mobility Club will cover the incident limit for roadside assistance as the last resort option.


2.1 Emergency medical advice and assistance:

In the event of a medical emergency telephonic guidance and advice will be given to the Mobility Club member and his direct family members living with him/her.

2.2 Emergency Medical transport response:

Evacuation from the scene of the emergency and the transportation under medical supervision. Depending on the nature of the medical emergency and various other considerations such as the patients state and fitness to travel, distance to be covered and the availability of the appropriate means of transport, transportation by a fleet of vehicles e.g. Ambulances from the private and/or public medical services, helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts can be arranged for client’s account. The patient will be taken to the closest appropriate medical facility. The cost, subject to the rate agreed for these service providers will be paid by Mobility Club (Limited to R5000) should the person not be covered by a medical aid or a hospital plan.

2.3 Medical facility and practitioner referral:

You will have full access to a directory of medical professionals, doctors, specialists, medical facilities, pharmacies etc. All via a telephonic referral.

2.4 Telephonic counseling and transferral to a crisis centre:

Traumatic events can and will possibly alter your life. You now have access to a wide range of counseling and crisis centers to assist with coping with these life altering events.

2.5 Conditions & exclusions:

In all instances, standard procedures and protocol will include confirmation of a medical aid and/or hospital plan if possible. To reduce the patients risk for future payment complications a patient will be taken to a public medical facility if no medical aid benefit applies. The costs in terms of the service rendered like a road or air ambulance will be recovered from the medical aid where it applies. Should there be no medical aid benefit the costs for the service will be paid for by Mobility Club.

2.6 24 Hour medical helpline:

  • Our 24 hour medical helpline will be available for free medical advice for minor ailments.
  • Information on poisons and drugs.
  • Medical referral to a health care professional or facility.


  • A once off free service up to max of 20kms will be covered by Mobility Club for Mobility Club Plus members ONLY, thereafter the full cost will be for the customer’s account.
  • There are many reasons why you would need a drive me home service. Driving should not even be an option in some cases.
  • Avoid the long arm of the law and reduce your exposure to uncontrollable situations
  • The cost for the trips will be calculated depending on the distance that needs to be travelled and can be as little as R140.00 for the first 30KM.- Additional passengers will be charged from as little as R50 per person.
  • At least 4 hours pre booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

3.1 Drive me home:

  • Easy access to a Drive Me Home service leaves you with no reason to take a chance with your and other road users’ lives. Relax, have a great evening out and let Drive Me Home get you and your vehicle both home safely.
  • When you should not be getting behind a steering wheel, a professional driver and a second vehicle will collect you from your venue and take you home safely. The second vehicle included in this service will collect the driver that has taken you home in your vehicle.

3.2 Convenient drive service:

You will sometimes need the services of a person to collect you from a railway station or airport.

Pre-booking with Convenient Drive will ensure an available driver to collect and then get you to your destination.

3.3 Convenient collection services:

Life will sometimes get in the way of being able to collect your children from school or your spouse from work. Convenient Collection services will give you peace of mind about getting your loved ones home. Pre-booking is essential.

*4 Hour Pre-Booking is Essential.


  • In the event that you have lost or misplaced your vehicle or home keys and they are found and our call centre is contacted.
  • Mobility Club will dispatch an independent courier service to collect those keys from that individual and safely and securely return them to you.
  • The identification tag has been strategically designed with a unique number to identify you as the owner of those keys.
  • The design enables us to be contacted and in most cases return them to you successfully.
  • The cost of the repatriation will be covered by Mobility Club.
  • We will under no circumstances put the owners of these keys in contact with the person that found them, therefor eliminating the risk exposure to people that have stolen your keys.
  • There will be a reward given to the individuals that call us when they have picked up your keys.

All costs relating to the service will be covered by Mobility Club.


  • With our ailing and badly managed mail system in South Africa, notices to renew your licences are often not delivered.
  • Our systems have been designed to inform you when drivers and vehicle licences are due for renewal.
  • When you have supplied the renewal dates to Mobility Club we will reduce your risk exposure to traffic infringements.
  • Let us manage your risk with this out of sight, out of mind situation.
  • All costs relating to these services are covered by Mobility Club.


In the event of your car breaking down a guard will be despatched to you if required.


  • One contact number 0860 999 899, for all your personal and motor information.
  •  State of the art protected IT systems.
  •  Call centre has read only access to your information in case of emergency.
  •  Mobility Club in accordance with the Protection of Private Information act, will protect your personal and confidential information.

CANCELLING A CALL-OUT: Client will be liable to pay a call-out fee of R550 upon cancellation if the case was not cancelled within 15 minutes after a service provider has been dispatched.

1. Tow-in service – R870
2. Medical emergency – R5000
3. Roadside Assistance incidents limits covered.
Flat tyre – R300,
Flat battery – R300,
Running out of fuel – R300,
Keys locked inside a vehicle R300
Amounts exceeding incident limits will be for the clients account.
The benefit only covers one incident per annum.
Maximum indemnity amount payable by this benefit shall not exceed the amount of R5 000 (Five thousand Rand) monthly debit order. Optional – should a client subscribe to a monthly debit order and Mobility Club will cover the benefit limits.

BENEFITS of mobility home doctor:

Home Emergency Repairs and Comprehensive Assistance

The customer is assisted with any home emergency or non-emergency on a 24/7 basis at the customer’s permanent residence which includes outbuildings on the premises. A home emergency refers to an unforeseen and unexpected event which requires immediate attention by an appropriate service provider in order to provide for the functioning of essential services and/or to limit consequential damage or sanitation risk.




Faulty lights, plugs, geyser thermostats, geyser elements, power failures, distribution boards, earth leakage relays, general house wiring, main cables light switches and burnt plug points.

Benefits exclude: changing or replacement of light bulbs, repair or replacement of specialized lighting and light fittings (eg. Neon lights, low voltage lights, transformers, spots etc.). Any damage as a result of a power surge from the power supplier, compliance certificates, underground electrical fault detection, any service provider power failures or ripple relay failures.


Replacement of broken windows, sliding doors.
Benefits exclude: mirrors.


For car and home if car keys are locked inside the vehicle, replacement of broken locks in the home.
Benefits exclude: replacement of lost keys.


Blocked drains, leaks (toilets etc.) tap washers, toilet rubbers, geyser valves, burst pipes, blocked baths, blocked sinks, blocked taps, shower outlets and water connections.

Benefits exclude: blockage due to cement, collapsed pipes, extensive tree roots or other foreign objects which cannot be opened by standard drain equipment, replacement or re-routing of pipes, specialized or imported sanitary ware, replacement of taps, cleaning septic tanks and French drains, refitting or replacement of tiles and paving, underground water fault detection, burst geyser(s) including any consequential losses whether direct or indirect as well as any damage/loss to geyser(s) valves, thermostats or overflow which is covered by any other insurance / warranty scheme or maintenance plan.


Access to Emergency Medical Service
The customer is in touch with a 24 hour helpline to respond to medical emergencies of any kind. The benefits include:
Free telephonic medical information and advice for minor ailments. evacuation by a fleet of vehicles eg. ambulances from the public and private medical services, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft to the nearest most appropriate medical facility, monitoring of the patient’s condition and location, messaging to next of kin on a regular basis until the caller/patient is admitted at a medical facility, childsafe – travel companion for stranded minors with medical supervision if needed, guaranteed hospital admission limited to R5000.00 – refundable by customer’s medical aid, medical referral – national database of medical doctors, medical facilities, pharmacies etc. are available telephonically, information on poison and drugs, interfacility transportation in the event of an emergency situation.
Access to HIV Aids treatment line.

Cost in terms of services rendered by a service provider is payable by the customer’s medical aid.